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Advertising on Wally Life is Easy!

Reach over 2 Million People in Northeastern Pennsylvania and beyond!

We make working with us easy and Wally Life is interested in building partnerships.

The show airs every day on Channel 13.  Other channels include 513, 190, 92.  All of our shows and segements are posted on this web site, partner sites, YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram, and other Social Media. 

Our Experience


Wally Life was created by Alex Zidock in 2010 and has been successfully airing ever since.  With a background in film, TV, public relations, and marketing, our team is very good at creating high quality imagery and creative spots.


Our team the ability to effectively use lighting, audio, lenses, effects, and cinematography to create the exact look you are looking for.  We are also connected with professionals in the industry for grip vans, steadicams, cranes and other equipment.

Aerial Footage

We are experienced drone pilots and fly several different types of drones.  Wally Life owns our own set of drones and pilots them on location.  We also contract with other professional pilots for additional footage if needed.


With over 20 years of marketing experience in all forms of media from print, animation, video, digital marketing, SEO, web sites and film, we can tailor your spot to meet your specifications.

Live Streams

We have the ability to stream live to twitter and other social media platforms as well as broadcast from studio locations.  If connectiviy is available, broadcast from any locations is possible.


Several members of our team work as SAG (union) actors on Commercials,TV, and Film offering the unique ability to coach talent that may not have on air experience to bring out the best performance.